If you enter a casino – be it online or physical casinos – you are offered a whole world of different games. There is Black Jack, Roulette, Craps (the game with the dices, you know), slot machines (one-armed bandits!), Keno (a lottery game thas is sometimes offered in the States), and many many more. Once you are in a casino, I can only recommend you to try out as many different games as possible. Of course, poker might be your favourite game and you are most successful in what you do the most. But it is always a good idea to broaden your horizon and find new ways of entertainment. You will also realise that the people playing different games are unequal characters as well.

This is due to the fact that the different games have varying requirements for the player. Some are pure games of luck, some are played alone, some are just side games. Poker for example is, if you like, a sport. You need to practise and concentrate during the whole session. It is, in fact, a game for nerds (like me), who like maths and who are thrilled by learning new moves in order to optimize their strategy. If you go over to the roulette board, on the other hand, you will most likely meet people who just gamble because it’s cool but don’t want to go too deep into theory. These people are good for chatting! I remember a time when I played literally the whole day to make a living from poker (it was hard “work”, even if “paid” fair). I was almost incapable of having a conversation with a normal person who was not a poker head…

To make a long story short: Make your life a bit more colourful. Try other games and people and even poker will be much more fun for you in the future.